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Diego Barrueco of ESTABLISHED by Michael Silver #Siderious

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by: Lourdes 
Little Daily Reminders
1. Take the day off. There’s really nothing wrong with a mental health day every once in a while (or even half a day!). Sometimes our minds need to be uncluttered with a Parks and Recreation marathon and a pin of Ben and Jerry’s in bed.
2. Go outside. I should take this one up myself. Don’t tell me you have never felt some relief from stepping out into your backyard. Lie down in the grass, feel the breeze in your hair, soak up some vitamin D.
3. Write. It doesn’t matter what, or where, or why… just write. It gets your creativity flowing and it’ll lead to a weight off of your shoulders. Life and emotions should be memorialized and expressed somehow.
4. Sing REALLY loudly. Really, who cares if someone is listening? Who cares if you don’t sound like the next TV talent show winner? Turn on the radio or your iPod or Pandora and bust out some HAIM or One Direction or whatever the heck you want.
5. Love the fact you’re breathing. Your body is working so hard to keep you alive and it’s hard to remember that sometimes. You’re here for a reason; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, even if that “anyone” is yourself. Stars have died so you can life - you are made of old stars, they exist in your veins. Relish this fact and take a couple of deep breaths. Smile. 
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Floating head Friday #frenchbulldog #frenchie


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this kid slays

Chicago, early evening by (james clear)


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